When you face a struggle against addiction, you may seek hope for recovery from a higher power. This hope often comes from a faith based spiritual support system in rehab or through specialized support groups. By looking up to a higher power, many people feel better in their potential for renewal and forgiveness and this support helps people overcome addictions of many kinds.

For Many, Addiction Is the Absence of Faith Based Spiritual SupportFaith based spiritual support during rehab

Some people living in addiction believe in a higher power and others don’t share this belief. The path you choose in life and recovery is yours to decide.

However, for people with roots of faith in themselves, addiction is the absence of that faith based spiritual support. They feel lost and even unworthy in their addiction, without hope. Reconnecting with faith in rehab helps them feel support and forgiven, worthy of the renewal they seek.

Benefits of Faith Based Spiritual Support

In some rehabs, you have more choices than others. Some treatment centers base their entire program on spirituality, while another may utilize “alternative” support without looking to a higher power. How do you know which program is right for you?

Consider a professional rehab offering both paths for your treatment. This means the program provides alternative programs alongside optional faith based spiritual support. A rehab offering holistic care often includes pastoral counseling for many faiths. This leaves many options open for you.

Other benefits of faith based spiritual support in rehab include:

  • Seeing your addiction as a treatable disease, not immorality
  • Embracing and supporting you on your recovery journey
  • Providing a path into home community support
  • Spiritual counseling or pastoral support
  • Providing faith information
  • Hosting recovery support groups for your participation

Spiritual rehab programs provide additional support for you as you seek long-term recovery. You gain new friends, supporters, and advisors in your treatment. You no longer feel alone or immoral in your disease and as a result, you gain immediate hope in the light of recovery.

Faith and Addiction Rehab Programs

Addiction treatment in rehab programs spans the entirety of the addiction recovery field and can include:

  • Alcohol
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Prescription drugs
  • Meth
  • Illegal drugs
  • Any other addictive substance or behavior

Faith and Recovery

At Ashley Addiction Treatment, you can find treatment with faith and the light of recovery. Adults of all ages gain a real chance at happiness, productivity, and fulfillment.

Programs at Ashley include:

If you seek the daily support and guidance of spiritual power and want to surround yourself with excellent programs, peers in recovery, and counselors, call Ashley Addiction Treatment now at 866-313-6310 for more information.