It’s no secret that drug and alcohol addiction is extremely damaging. Oftentimes, people hardly recognize themselves due to the effects of addiction. However, substance abuse treatment can change all of that. In rehab, you’ll delve into the core issues that contribute to addiction, and you may also take part in holistic care practices including exercise therapy, which can offer an array of benefits for people in recovery.

The Damaging Effects of AddictionExercise Therapy and Fitness Therapy Benefits

Someone who is struggling with drug and alcohol addiction may go down the wrong path and neglect responsibilities, health, and appearance.

When they finally make the brave decision to enter rehab, their mind and body will need recuperation. They may feel mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion and they may look much older and have health problems, internally and externally.

Benefits of Exercise Therapy

Rehab involves a variety of treatment approaches. Individual and group counseling make up a good portion of rehab, but holistic therapies such as exercise and fitness therapy are also important.

Why exercise therapy? Being physically active provides a number of benefits, not only for the body but for the mind as well. For example, these include:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Relieves depression symptoms
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Improves self-esteem
  • Improves mental clarity

One issue that contributes to drug and alcohol abuse is a person’sdifficulty in handling stressful situations. People don’t know how to cope with stress, so they use drugs or alcohol in an attempt to escape their problems or in order to overcome past traumas.

When someone can replace destructive behaviors with positive ones, they can relieve stress and anxiety in healthy, productive ways. The body produces its own “feel good” hormones during physical activity, allowing you to experience an all-natural “high” that’s actually good for you, with no drugs or alcohol.

Exercise Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Comprehensive addiction treatment includes traditional methods alongside experiential therapies. In addition, many specialists recognize the importance of the mind-body connection in health, so they take an integrative approach to treatment and recovery.

Exercise therapy is a useful component in rehab. It doesn’t take the place of proven treatment like behavioral therapy, but therapists may use it alongside traditional methods.

In fact, regular physical activity can ease cravings. Clients who work to improve their fitness during rehab and recovery often feel more confident. Because exercise helps with depression, their moods begin to lift. This increases their relaxation and comfort, all of which make them more active participants in the treatment process.

Continuing a fitness regimen once you leave rehab is a great way to stay physically and mentally healthy. Furthermore, you’ll have a better outlet for stress and negative emotions, making you much less likely to turn to drugs and alcohol.

Recovery Begins Here

At Ashley Addiction Treatment in Havre de Grace, Maryland, you can get the fresh start you deserve. Our addiction treatment facility provides detox and individual care for men and women. We take an integrated approach to treatment, focusing on bringing your mind, body, and spirit into alignment.

We have four core programs: primary, young adult, relapse, and pain recovery. Each program is designed with its own innovations to help our clients move forward with their lives.

Some of the programs and amenities we offer include:

You don’t have to fight alone at Ashley Addiction Treatment. Let our compassionate team partner with you in rehab and recovery. Contact us today at 866-313-6310, and we’ll help you overcome drug and alcohol dependency.