Ashley Addiction Treatment

April 2018 Alumni News

Join us at Ashley for our next Recovery Enrichment Day, Saturday, May 19th. AA archivists, Wally P. and Carver B. will be here for “Back to Basics” – a one-day, intensive 12-Step workshop. Wally P. is the originator of the Back to Basics Beginners’ Meetings, which have grown to more than 6,000 groups and produced more than 700,000 recoveries since its’ reintroduction into the 12-Step community in 1997.

Ashley Addiction Treatment

March 2018 Alumni News

National Nutrition Month: Eating right to stay sober
March is recognized as National Nutrition Month, and it’s a great opportunity for us to look at how we plan, shop and prepare the foods we eat each day. Substance use can have a serious and long-term negative effect on our health and nutrition, as it can disrupt physiological functioning and impair the body’s ability to receive proper nourishment.

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February 2018 Alumni News

Over the past few months, the YALC has been reaching out to charitable organizations, looking for opportunities to be of service in our community. One of these organizations, The Paris Foundation of Elkton, MD, serves food to 100+ of the homeless population of Elkton every single day. Our YALC members have a monthly commitment to assist the foundation and help serve meals to those in need. We are proud to work with such an amazing organization, committed to helping the community, and offering recovery solutions and other support to those in need in Cecil County.

Clinically Speaking…The Ashley Relapse Treatment Program

Clinically Speaking… Over the last few months, Ashley clinicians have been enhancing and revising our three main programs. This article is the second in a series of three describing these enhancements which provide the cornerstone of our treatment program. The Ashley Relapse Treatment Program Recovery is a lifelong process. Sometimes that process includes relapse –…