One of the biggest barriers to getting addiction treatment is the means to pay for it. However, under current healthcare legislation, pre-existing conditions are no longer a block to getting care through insurance providers like Millin Insurance. Located right on the Chesapeake Bay’s majestic waters, Ashley Addiction Treatment proudly accepts Millin rehab insurance.

The Need for Addiction Treatment

Millin rehab insurance could save this woman's lifeAddiction is a complex disease that destroys lives. Not only can it cripple your finances, but it could also affect your employment and even tear your family apart. Overcoming the condition is nearly impossible without professional and compassionate care. However, the cost of treatment scares many individuals away from seeking help.

At a minimum, using Mill rehab insurance will cut down on your out-of-pocket expenses. Although it depends on your policy, it may even cover your entire course of treatment. While you can discuss exactly what your policy covers with your insurance provider, our admissions specialists can guide you through the entire insurance verification process.
For those who choose not to go through their insurance, we also have other convenient payment options through My Treatment Lender or M-Lend.

Treatment at Ashley

Our amenity-rich, 147-acre addiction treatment campus is one the best places in the country to use your Millin rehab insurance. Located a short drive from Pennsylvania, we blend comprehensive clinical care with a host of holistic care practices. Examples include:

  • One-on-one individual therapy that gets to the underlying causes of your addiction
  • Targeted group therapy with small counselor-to-client ratios
  • Family programs that integrate family members in their loved one’s recovery
  • Spiritual support and pastoral counseling for all religious denominations
  • Fitness, yoga, and art therapy that promotes lasting health and wellness

Regardless of your history of addiction, we’ve designed our four core substance abuse programs to promote lasting change.

We offer:

Use Your Millin Rehab Insurance to Start Healing

You or your loved one have been living in addiction’s grip long enough. Use your Millin rehab insurance to seek recovery at Ashley Addiction Treatment. Call us today at 866-313-6307.