If you’re tired of letting addiction control your life, getting professional treatment is your best option. Although paying for rehab entirely out of pocket can be expensive, individuals can use their Aetna drug rehab coverage at Ashley Addiction Treatment to minimize the costs of recovery.

Why Getting Addiction Help Is Important

Although many people think otherwise, addiction isn’t a choice. It’s a legitimate mental illness that claims numerous lives every year. While over 23 million individuals in our country fit the criteria for the condition, less than 10% of them ever get the help they need. While guilt, shame, and embarrassment all play a role, many people shy away from treatment because of costs.Woman wondering where can use her Aetna drug rehab coverage

In reality, the cost of attending a drug rehab center is minimal compared to the cost of not getting help. Without professional rehabilitation, individuals can face dire consequences. Aside from affecting physical and mental health, people can lose their careers or their families. However, Aetna drug rehab coverage can help individuals reverse those consequences and start living fulfilling lives.

How Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage Helps

The medical community clearly defines addiction as a pre-existing mental health condition. For this reason, current health care guidelines mandate that health insurance providers like Aetna have to offer legitimate substance abuse treatment options to affected individuals.

Located in Havre de Grace, Maryland, Ashley Addiction Treatment works with Aetna and many other national insurance providers to ensure you get the most coverage possible. Our admissions specialists make the insurance verification process quick and easy. While it’s helpful to know exactly what your policy covers, our trained professionals will work directly with your insurance company so that you can focus solely on your recovery.

What We Offer

Ashley Addiction Treatment provides clients with multiple levels of care and individualized therapy approaches to ensure they have the best chance at achieving sobriety. Individuals can use their Aetna drug rehab coverage to take advantage of the following substance abuse programs:

Our 147-acre addiction treatment campus also offers numerous amenities in a tranquil setting. Clients can take part in a host of holistic care activities like yoga therapy, massage and acupuncture, and physical exercise in our state of the art fitness center.

Use Your Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage to Rebuild Your Life

Don’t let finances stop you from seeking true and lasting change. Let Ashley Addiction Treatment be your guide on the path to recovery. Call us today at 866-313-6307.