A successful battle against drug or alcohol addiction often means removing yourself from the people, places, and things that serve as triggers. For instance, if you’re from our nation’s capital or the surrounding area, a Washington, D.C. rehabilitation center might be too close for comfort. Fortunately, you have other excellent options.

Breaking the Cycle of Addiction

Woman Who Needs a Better Alternative than a Washington, DC Rehabilitation CenterPerhaps you’ve already received help from a Washington, D.C. rehabilitation center and relapsed. On the other hand, you may just now be recognizing that your drug or alcohol use has crossed the line from recreational to problematic. If you’re still wondering if you have an alcohol, cocaine, meth, prescription drug or heroin addiction, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I lied, stolen, or broken the law to get my substance of choice?
  • Do I often lie about how much or how often I use?
  • Am I having problems with relationships or finances because of my substance abuse?
  • Do I experience physical or psychological withdrawal symptoms if I try to stop using?
  • Do I spend more and more time thinking about and trying to get my substance of choice?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, it may be time to seek professional help.

What to Expect at a Washington, DC Rehabilitation Center

Whether you go to a Washington, DC rehabilitation center or attend a facility out in the wilderness, certain generalities hold true. They’ll all have some sort of admissions process. Staff will ask questions about your medical, physical and addiction history. You’ll learn about the rehab center’s available substance abuse programs. Some facilities offer strictly residential treatment, while others just have outpatient programs. However, the best facilities will provide a wide variety of options depending on your needs and your own unique situation.

Programs differ in how they treat their clients, what types of therapies they provide, what amenities they offer, and what kind of support they offer following treatment. That’s why it’s so important for you to do your homework before agreeing to participate in a treatment program. Your recovery future might well depend on the decision you make.

The Ashley Difference

If you attend a Washington, DC rehabilitation center, you’ll be in the hustle and bustle of the city. Although it’s within easy reach of major urban centers like Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Wilmington, Ashley Addiction Treatment offers recovery in a peaceful, serene environment. Located in Havre de Grace, Maryland, our surroundings might be rural, but our addiction treatment approaches are proven and cutting-edge.

We recognize that healing must happen in your body, mind, and spirit. For that reason, our individualized plans take your whole self into consideration. Your customized plan will include some of the following:

  • Primary Program that includes individual, family and group therapy, recovery meetings and life skills education
  • Enriching amenities including yoga, meditation, dietician, massage, physical fitness and personal trainer
  • Relapse Program for people in danger of using again or for those who have already relapsed
  • Young Adult Program focusing on age-specific issues relevant to individuals 18–25 years old
  • Pain Recovery Program focusing on managing these symptoms in holistic ways without addictive substances
  • Outpatient program options to help you transition back into your home environment

You don’t need to fight your addiction alone. Ashley’s friendly and knowledgeable doctors, nurses, counselors, and mental health specialists will take the time to understand you and your unique addiction. We’ll be there to guide you as you take your first big steps toward a life of lasting health and sobriety.

Don’t settle for just any Washington, DC rehabilitation center. Call Ashley Addiction Treatment today at 866-313-6307 to get started.