Although we would all love to believe that anyone can walk away from recreational drug use, this is clearly not the case. In fact, recreational drug addiction concerns have roots in reality. That is, recreational drug abuse quickly takes many into the darkness of tolerance, dependence, and addiction. How do you know if your drug use has hit this point of no return?

When Recreational Drug Addiction Concerns BeginRecreational Drug Addiction Concerns

Many people start abusing recreational drugs for fun. However, there inevitably comes that point in time when they wonder if it went too far and into addiction. How do you know if validity exists for your recreational drug addiction concerns?

Consider that addiction usually starts in the same way, along a common path with others living the same problems. For example, this path includes:

  • Experimenting with drugs or alcohol
  • Using your substances for fun more often
  • Using with regularity with resulting problems in your life
  • Risky substance abuse, using despite problems it causes you
  • Dependence and needing your substances to function normally
  • Addiction, unable to control your use, and experiencing withdrawal if you try to stop

At some point in these steps to addiction, you feel recreational drug concerns. For some people, those concerns occur early, maybe in their first uses. However, others do not recognize this until they have experienced full blown addiction and life problems resulting from their substance abuse.

Causes of Recreational Drug Addiction

Early in your drug use, you feel high because your brain releases extra dopamine in response to the substances. Dopamine is the feel-good chemical that creates this high. However, your brain is an adaptable organ, slowing its own dopamine production to allow the drugs to control this need.

Eventually you stop feeling pleasure in your life without taking drugs due to the dopamine production slowing down in your brain. Things you once enjoyed stop giving you pleasure as you focus more attention on obtaining and using drugs for your high and the only good feelings you have in life relate directly to your drug use. Furthermore, to keep this high coming, your brain rewires itself to think of the drug or crave it as a reward.

The younger a person begins abusing drugs or alcohol, the greater the likelihood for addiction. Parts of the brain do not fully develop until adulthood, leaving users more at risk for addiction between the ages of 10 and 19. During these years, users cannot make the right decisions without recreational drug addiction concerns.

After someone experiences the disease of addiction, that disease remains throughout their lifetime. In addition, they always experience the risk of relapsing. Most people in recovery experience periods of relapse, additional rehab, and further recovery. In fact, the drug use changes the brain’s structure and chemistry forever.

Relieving Your Concerns through Quality Rehab Treatment

A professional rehab program provides the treatment you need for alcohol, cocaine, opioid, benzo, prescription drug, meth, or marijuana addiction. In Havre de Grace, Maryland, this treatment takes place at Ashley Addiction Treatment. Adults of all ages experience lasting recovery through Ashley’s quality mix of therapies and holistic care.

For example, programs at Ashley include:

  • Detox, residential, and IOP programs
  • Primary program and relapse treatment
  • Pain recovery for pain management
  • Young adult rehab for adults ages 18 to 25
  • Individual therapy and holistic therapy programs
  • Dual diagnosis and access to medical care

You can end your recreational drug addiction or any substance use disorder with Ashley Addiction Treatment’s help. Call Ashley now at 866-313-6310 to find your path in recovery.