It’s no secret that America is currently facing serious issues with high rates of addiction to various prescription medications. In fact, many professionals have considered this problem to be an epidemic that affects millions of people annually. The following information will talk about oxycodone, a commonly prescribed medication. It will also alert you to potentially serious oxycodone side effects. Finally, it will discuss important factors about seeking professional help.

What is Oxycodone?

A female counselor talks to a man dealing with oxycodone side effectsTo understand oxycodone side effects, you need to have additional information about the medication itself. Oxycodone is a prescription medication in the opioid class. Oxycodone changes the way your brain interprets specific sensory information. For this reason, oxycodone can be very helpful for reducing or managing pain. However, it can create a sense of euphoria in the user. This feeling of intense pleasure can sometimes lead to the abuse of the drug.

Common Oxycodone Side Effects

Understanding oxycodone side effects is an important part of educating yourself about this prevalent medication. The following is just a partial list of possible side effects that can come about from the abuse of oxycodone:


Opioid medications can cause a depressive effect in major organs of the body. When the digestive tract is affected in this way, a person can experience chronic constipation.

Slowed Breathing and Heart Rate

The depressant effects mentioned above also apply to the heart and lungs. As a result, a person abusing oxycodone may have a heart rate or breathing pattern that is far too slow. This can lead to problems getting the proper amount of oxygen.

Nausea and Vomiting

Many people that abuse oxycodone experience major digestive issues like ongoing nausea and vomiting. Their appetite may become sluggish to the point of causing serious weight loss.

Sweating or Itching

In some cases, opioids can cause skin reactions such as intense itching or sweating. These problems can become very uncomfortable or result in scratching or causing the skin to bleed.

Recognizing Signs of Oxycodone Abuse

An oxycodone or OxyContin addiction can lead to serious and lifelong effects. Understanding the common oxycodone side effects can help a person recognize signs of the abuse of this medication. The following signs of addiction apply to many different types of substances, including opioids:

Lying or Hiding Information

Those affected by addiction may try to hide this behavior from family members. In fact, it’s common for someone to want to prevent their family from worrying about them. They may attempt to lie if someone catches them behaving in strange ways.

Changing the Daily Routine

Sudden or extreme changes in the daily routine could also signify a problem with drug abuse. This could be something as simple as leaving for work much earlier or later than normal.

Forgoing Important Responsibilities

People struggling under the heavy weight of addiction usually fail to perform the way they did in the past. For example, they may not be able to take care of their home or children. They also may show up late for work on a regular basis. When they are at work, they’ll likely not be able to do their job properly.

Supporting a Loved One Suffering from Oxycodone Abuse

Have you recognized oxycodone side effects or signs of abuse in a loved one? If so, you may be overwhelmed with feelings of fear or anxiety. While these feelings are normal, it’s important to keep being there for your family member as a source of encouragement. Your support could give your loved one the strength he needs to get proper rehabilitation.

Selecting a Rehabilitation Center

Addiction treatment takes many different forms today. Each person that seeks help for this problem has a unique situation. This means that every individual also responds to treatment in different ways. Selecting a rehab center that lines up with your most important goals and needs is vital.

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You don’t need to allow addiction to prevent you from living a happy life that you’re proud of. You can beat your addiction with the right types of intervention techniques. Contact Ashley Addiction Treatment at 866-313-6310 to discover how we can assist you now.