Suffering from an addiction to meth is overwhelming and exhausting. Once this addiction takes hold, your life spirals out of control and the drug claims everything you hold dear, from your physical appearance to your thoughts and brain function. Instead of continuing in this cycle, you can live the life you want through methamphetamine addiction treatment.

What is Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment?Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment Benefits

Deciding to quit meth abuse is the first step toward your new, happier, and more fulfilling life. To quit in a healthy manner and stay clean for the long term, you need a complete program of methamphetamine addiction treatment. What does a complete program look like and where do you find it?

You need a continuum of care that starts in detox and continues through aftercare. This means your detox, rehab, and additional treatment needs are met at one location. In such a program, you start rebuilding your life through better health, and wellness.

Your methamphetamine addiction treatment begins with detox and you cannot and should not attempt to quit meth at home or by going “cold turkey” alone. This puts you at major risk for health complications, negative side effects, and deadly relapse.

In a medical detox center, you have helpful medical professionals watching your health and safety. They also provide helpful medications, nutrition, and other comforts for your worst symptoms.

After detox, you enter a rehab treatment program. It is there that you learn how to live without meth, your addiction and signs of relapse. Therapists, counselors, and even your peers help you master coping skills for a safe, sober, and healthy life.

Rehab Programs Specializing in Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment

When you want recovery from meth, not just any program will do. You know the drug has seriously damaged your appearance and physical health and can see these changes and feel them every day, but you keep using the drug because of your addiction.

However, what you don’t see is how meth damages your brain. The drug changes your thought processes, how you cope, what you expect from yourself, and your ability to stay clean after detox, making it important to have a rehab program that specializes in meth recovery.

A meth treatment program differs from others in that it provides the specific support you need. Meth changes your behaviors, so you also need special therapies to regain behavioral health.

Residential Rehab for Meth Recovery

You will live at the facility, giving you medical supervision, support, therapies, and services around-the-clock. This means you find yourself surrounded by people who understand your journey.

You must learn why you started abusing meth and how to avoid that in the future, as well as your co-occurring mental illness, such as depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, anxiety, or personality disorder.

In rehab, you learn how to live a normal and safe life, how to maintain a daily schedule, set life goals, keep focus on those goals, take care of yourself, and live a productive life. You gain coping skills for fighting off triggers, cravings, and temptations as well.

Meth Treatment in Havre de Grace, MD

Ashley Addiction Treatment in Maryland provides residential methamphetamine addiction treatment. Programs at Ashley include:

  • Primary program for both genders
  • Relapse program
  • Emerging adult programs for males and females
  • Pain recovery
  • Onsite detox, residential and IOP programs
  • Upscale amenities, such as yoga, acupuncture, massage, and fitness
  • Semi-private rooms, laundry services, house cleaning and 24-hour food access

To overcome meth addiction, call Ashley Addiction Treatment at 866-313-6310. Through a continuum of care, you can end your problems through our life-changing programs.