Marijuana legalization has confused many people who now wonder if the drug is addictive. Marijuana is, in fact, addictive. As with many other medicines, misuse and overuse lead to dependence. You may need medical marijuana addiction treatment to end your struggle and regain a productive, happy, and fulfilling life.

Medication Often Leads to OveruseMedical Marijuana Addiction and Medical Weed Rehab

Medical marijuana companies, like growers or retailers, list many illnesses for which medical marijuana provides relief. However, while it does help with relief of many symptoms, it creates its own symptoms you don’t expect. These symptoms include paranoia, social isolation, anxiety, and malnutrition.

Most marijuana users do not fall into its dependence or addiction. However, about nine percent do, according to a 1994 study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. You are not alone if you find yourself needing medical marijuana addiction treatment, as more people seek this help than for any other drug addiction.

Marijuana is the most popular illicit drug in America. As a result, many people fail to recognize a problem.

Dangers of Medical Marijuana Addiction

Heavy marijuana use damages short-term memory, thinking, judgment, and driving. Long-term use of the drug causes heart problems, impaired thinking, and possibly psychosis, as some studies now reveal. Teens and young adults suffer the most from their pot use as this time is critical in brain development.

Signs of medical marijuana addiction include drug cravings, inability to quit using weed, damaged relationships, work problems, and other life issues. In fact, legalized pot states note a significant rise in emergency room visits for marijuana.

A big problem with medical marijuana addiction seems to connect overuse with dependence. While this sounds like common sense, many people seem to believe legalization means no dangers of using weed exist. However, strains of the drug today are far more potent than what it was in the past. The science of the “best high” and edibles cause the drug to affect people differently than it once did.

Marijuana has no side effect or drug interaction warning labels, either which means very few people using the drug are fully informed of potential dangers. People need true medical monitoring in their use, as much as they do for any other prescription medication.

Medical Weed Addiction Signs

To find out if you possibly suffer a medical marijuana addiction, consider some key signs, which may include:

  • Usage continually rising
  • Unable to reduce or end your use
  • Spending much of your time getting high
  • Using the drug despite problems it causes you
  • Using it to relax, escape from problems, or be creative
  • Making life choices around marijuana
  • Failing to enjoy life or fulfill responsibilities

One of the biggest signs of marijuana addiction is tolerance. If you must increase how much you use to feel the same effects, you are on the road to addiction. Furthermore, the same is true if you experience withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit using the drug.

Help for Addiction to Marijuana?

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