Approximately 24 million Americans ages 12 years and older need drug and alcohol treatment. Sadly, the majority of these people will never seek the appropriate help. If you or a loved one is fighting a battle against a mind-altering substance, Ashley Addiction Treatment in Havre de Grace, Maryland, can assist you in ending the abuse and guiding you toward a new sober lifestyle.

Why Seek Drug and Alcohol Treatment in MD?

Optimistic Man Laying in Grass Who Embraced Drug and Alcohol TreatmentAddiction is a powerful condition that causes users to experience chronic and uncontrollable cravings for a particular psychoactive substance. For people living with addiction, achieving a “high” or rush from their substance of choice is the ultimate goal.

If you’re ready for a life that revolves around something more than “getting high”, professional rehab is the answer. You can achieve your goal of lifelong sobriety if you’re ready to fully commit to changing your habits. Recovery won’t come easily, but rehab can help make your transition to sobriety smoother.

Drug and alcohol treatment at Ashley can help you get clean in the physical sense while also arming you with simple but valuable relapse prevention tools for coping with stress and maintaining your sobriety.

The Importance of Customized Treatment Plans

Addiction impacts people in a variety of ways. For some individuals, addiction is a means of escaping the harsh realities of an unsatisfying life. For others, it’s simply the result of extended abuse. Regardless of the circumstances that led you to this point in your life, rehabilitation is possible. You can permanently end the abuse and also learn how to live without psychoactive substances.

Identifying the type of drug and alcohol treatment you need is an important step in the recovery process. A quality rehab center will be able to identify and address your specific needs based on your experiences with addiction. Once we gather your history and personal information, our clinical professionals will be able to develop the right treatment plan.

At Ashley, we provide each of our patients with comprehensive and personalized care. Our medical specialists are experienced and eager to help individuals reach their long-term goal of successful sobriety.

Transformative Addiction Treatment in Havre de Grace, Maryland

The well-rounded and personalized drug and alcohol treatment that you need is available in Havre de Grace, Maryland. Ashley Addiction Treatment proudly provides some of the most effective care currently available in the United States. Each of our patients has access to complete clinical and medical care, including on-site detox services.

We offer the following drug and alcohol treatment programs on our campus:

We also offer a Young Adult Extended Care Program exclusively for 18–25-year-old men.

Total Recovery from Drug and Alcohol Addiction is Within Reach

Addiction is a debilitating disease that millions of people just like you deal with on a daily basis. Don’t put you and your loved ones at further risk by continuing the cycle of substance abuse. Ashley Addiction Treatment in Havre de Grace, Maryland, has the effective substance abuse programs and therapies that you need in order to achieve successful results. To learn more about our addiction treatment programs, call us today at 866-313-6307.