If you’re living with an addiction problem, a high-quality drug and alcohol rehab facility can offer effective programs and therapies to help you get clean. Professionals at these facilities will also teach you healthy coping skills for maintaining lifelong sobriety.

Contrary to societal belief, addiction is a disease. Without treatment, your condition will likely to get worse. Do the responsible thing and consider seeking professional help before it’s too late.

About Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Therapist Talking to Female Client at Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab CenterThe problem you suffer from might feel unique, but it isn’t. Millions of people just like you also suffer from this same disease and feel powerless to stop the madness. Fortunately, the inability to quit is all in your head. Professional rehab can assist you through the complicated withdrawal phase and teach you simple but powerful methods for resisting relapse.

Currently, approximately 24 million Americans over the age of 12 years need help for an addiction problem. Only a small percentage of these people will ever seek help. Don’t fall into this alarming statistic. Drug and alcohol rehab is available and capable of helping you make a total recovery.

How Drug and Alcohol Rehab Can Help

A quality drug and alcohol rehab program consists of several basic yet powerful therapies. For starters, detox is a healthy method for getting through the uncomfortable withdrawal process. Withdrawal symptoms occur when long-time users suddenly stop using or cut their dosages drastically. Symptoms can be unpleasant for the user, but a medically-managed detox can help ease this burden.

Another important aspect of the recovery process involves psychotherapy. Psychotherapy provides individuals the chance to work through their personal problems. This may include dealing with past traumatic events or co-occurring emotional disorders that sometimes develop alongside addiction.

Above all, a worthy drug and alcohol rehab strives to treat each of its guests with the respect, compassion, and dignity they deserve. Rehab can understandably be an overwhelming experience. During this time of healing and self-discovery, individuals need to feel at ease. The most effective treatment modalities in the world won’t work if individuals feel uncomfortable or alone.

Consider A Unique Drug and Alcohol Rehab Experience in Maryland

If you’re looking for compassionate drug and alcohol rehab professionals, consider Ashley Addiction Treatment. Our private Havre de Grace facility is tucked away from the pressures of everyday life. Our substance abuse programs have helped numerous people win the battle against addiction. We can also assist you in reaching your long-term recovery goals and prepare you for lasting sobriety.

Some of our addiction treatment programs include:

If you choose Ashley Addiction Treatment for your addiction rehab, you’ll have a safe and therapeutic environment to call home. Along with proven addiction therapy methods, we also offer several amenities for our guests’ convenience, including laundry services, 24-hour food access, and house cleaning. We also have an onsite gym with fitness equipment and personal trainers. Our guest rooms hold a maximum of two guests, so your privacy will never be in question.

Recover in Comfort at Our Havre de Grace Rehab

Don’t leave your recovery in the hands of a less capable rehab center. Our staff at Ashley Addiction Treatment are ready to help you make this monumental change. To learn more about this special opportunity, call us today at 866-313-6307.