Prescription drug addiction is one of the biggest killers in the United States today, so it’s important to spot addiction in yourself or a loved one before it’s too late. The overdose rates for prescription drug addictions are more than heroin and cocaine combined. The problem is that most people with an addiction don’t realize they have one until it’s too late. Fortunately, Ashley Addiction Treatment is here to help you overcome codeine addiction.

Why It’s Difficult to Spot a Codeine Addiction

Woman Journaling about Her Codeine AddictionIf you’re the person with a prescription drug addiction, it may have started because you received a prescription legally. One of the biggest issues with addiction is that the disease affects your brain’s prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain has many responsibilities, and one of these is self-awareness. Without the ability to be self-aware, your brain tells you that you don’t have a problem, so it’s difficult to spot.

Those who develop an addiction to prescription medications attempt to justify and rationalize their drug use. For many, overwhelming pain is a go-to excuse. In reality, the medication doesn’t treat the pain, but it helps block the pain receptors while the pain is still there. Therefore, most people who develop this type of addiction are more interested in the high than fixing the pain.

Codeine Addiction Causes Irrational Behaviors

Those who develop a codeine addiction often become shells of their former selves. When you have this addiction, it’s important to be honest with yourself and see if you’re exhibiting the signs. There are other responsibilities of the prefrontal cortex, so if you’re lacking in other areas, there may be a problem. Some of the other attributes the prefrontal cortex is responsible for include:

  • Emotion regulation
  • Social interaction
  • Impulse control
  • Sound decision making

The other issue is that addiction affects the part of your brain responsible for survival. Those with an addiction become highly defensive of their drug use and will argue with friends and family. They may also begin lying and stealing from people they care about in order to acquire medications. This happens because you’re ill, and your brain says that you need these medications in order to survive.

The Progression of a Codeine Addiction

When you begin to see your codeine addiction progressing, it’s time to seek addiction treatment. One of the first obvious signs of the progression of this disease is when you begin taking more than you should. This means you’ll run out sooner, and you may begin going to different doctors to get more refills. While your mind is telling you that you need more to subdue the pain, this is really a justification to abuse the medications.

You need the help of substance abuse programs when you begin buying the medications illegally for use. The other scenario is that you begin going through loved ones’ medicine cabinets and stealing different medications. You may be doing things like this due to the dependency you’ve built for the medication as well. If you’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you’re not using, then there’s a problem.

Ashley Addiction Treatment is ready to help you get your life back. You no longer need to be a slave to codeine. Call us today at 866-313-6307 to find out more about our inpatient program.