There are many Annapolis rehab centers in and around the area. They provide services for all stages of drug abuse. However, local facilities may not be the best option for your recovery needs.

Havre de Grace Offers a Viable Alternative to Annapolis Rehab CentersAnnapolis rehab centers

Havre de Grace is a nearby, smaller town in Maryland. Its tranquil surroundings create the ideal backdrop for recovery. In fact, Havre de Grace drug rehab doesn’t put you into close contact with a large group of participants from other programs. Instead, the town, which is only a little over an hour away from Annapolis, offers privacy.

On-Site Medical Services are the Hallmarks of a Good-Quality Facility

Medical services include detoxification. Therefore, this comprehensive approach to recovery eliminates the lag time between detox and rehab. In the process, it also cuts down on the relapse potential at this dangerous juncture. Some Annapolis rehab centers don’t offer this type of setup.

Since rehab takes place onsite, program participants can move through detox at their own pace. Those who finish quickly transition to psychotherapy earlier than peers do. However, recovery isn’t a race.

During detox, medical experts evaluate participants to create personal withdrawal protocols. Specifically, when there’s a need, these treatments may include pharmacological assistance. Around-the-clock monitoring is part and parcel of the experience. Moreover, the same goes for a pain-free withdrawal.

What Havre de Grace and Some Annapolis Rehab Centers Have in Common

Good-quality rehab facilities understand the need to get to the root of addiction. There’s typically a reason for your decision to reach for the first drink – and then the second one. However, long before the substance abuse became a chemical dependency, you had reasons for looking to drugs or alcohol. In Havre de Grace and some Annapolis rehab centers, experts work with you to find these reasons.

For example, excellent modalities include:

At the heart of a successful rehab program is the comprehensive nature of the care that you receive. It’s not enough for detox to work well, and then rehab falls flat. Instead, all aspects of therapy must be on point to create the right therapeutic setting for you. Therefore, customization is one key element in this effort.

The other element is the integration of holistic care. It should not stand alone or function as an adjunct. Instead, its presence and integration into the treatment protocol acknowledge that chemical dependency also affects your spirituality. As a result, healing, too, must take place on physical, psychological, and spiritual planes.

Holistic treatment focuses on interfaith counseling, as well as music or art therapy. For example, yoga plays a crucial role in stress reduction. Furthermore, meditation and mindfulness training help program participants overcome anxiety and depression.

As a great alternative to Annapolis rehab centers, visit Havre de Grace’s Ashley Addiction Treatment. When you’re ready to quit using, our staff will help you find the path to recovery. Call 866-313-6307 now to learn more about us and our programs.