Columbia is part of the Baltimore metro area, and it’s home to many individuals searching for drug addiction treatment. A lot of these individuals feel that staying local for rehab is the right choice, but that may not be the case. Instead of settling for a Columbia MD drug rehab, consider venturing away from home. Just an hour’s drive from Columbia, there are opportunities for a fresh start, quality care, and a new outlook on life.

Remove the Safety Net of a Columbia MD Drug RehabColumbia MD drug rehab

The first step in addiction recovery is committing to a program. However, that program can’t be truly successful unless the client has focus and motivation. Unfortunately, many clients leave rehab programs before they are complete. Leaving home can make it easier to follow through with the full treatment plan.

If a person is attending a Columbia MD drug rehab program close to home, then they know they have an escape route if the going gets tough. In fact, recovery can be challenging, but clients have to stay on course in order to make it to lifelong sobriety. If there are friends available just a short walk away, then clients are less likely to complete the necessary programs. Attending rehab in a new location removes the safety net and forces clients to get serious about their recovery.

A New Location Reduces Temptations

It’s normal to encounter cravings during addiction recovery. Therefore, part of rehab is learning how to identify and limit these cravings in order to prevent relapse. One way to limit temptations is to avoid them altogether.

When clients are an hour’s drive from their typical environments, then it becomes easier to stay on track. Moreover, choosing an alternative can actually increase your chance of lasting sobriety.

Psychological Benefits of a Fresh Start

There is something to be said for wiping the slate clean and starting over. For many clients who are working hard to end a drug addiction, a fresh start is the ultimate goal. Lots of clients plan to switch up their accommodation, find a new job, and create new and sober social groups.

Starting fresh is admirable, but it can be hard to do. However, it’s harder if you’re still in the same location and you’re surrounded by old friends and temptations. The simple act of recovering in a new location can be the extra push clients need to turn over a new leaf. Furthermore, a new destination may lead to new healthy habits in lasting recovery.

Drug Rehab at Ashley Addiction Treatment

Rather than settling for a Columbia MD drug rehab, widen your search parameters. At Ashley Addiction Treatment, clients can look forward to holistic and evidence-based treatment methods. For example, our addiction treatment programs include:

While Columbia MD drug rehab might be convenient, that is certainly not your only option. At Ashley Addiction Treatment in Havre de Grace, Maryland, clients are treated as individuals, and underlying issues are given attention and care. Call 866-313-6307 when you’re ready to fight back against drug addiction once and for all.