For those living in and around Bethesda, finding a local addiction rehab facility might be a priority. However, limiting your options to Bethesda might be a mistake. Widen your search and explore beyond the Bethesda rehab center options. Just 75 miles away, in Havre de Grace, Maryland, you can find the ideal rehab center that meets your recovery needs.

Why a Bethesda Rehab Center Means Extra TemptationBethesda rehab center

When prospective clients and their families choose a rehab center, location and convenience are often two of their most important needs. However, that might actually do more harm than good.

Cravings and temptations are always going to be a part of the rehab process. Moreover, overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol is tough, and withdrawal symptoms can last for weeks in some cases. However, temptations will be greater if a client from Bethesda is attending a Bethesda rehab center.

All the temptations of substance abuse will be right outside the client’s doorway. Their dealers, friendly users, and use locations are all nearby, which makes it harder to stay on track. By skipping Bethesda rehab center options, those cravings will be easier to ignore. If temptation isn’t right in front of you, then compliance with the program and with sobriety is more likely.

Fight Relapse With a Fresh Start

Choosing to attend any rehab center is a bold and important step on the road to recovery. In fact, sobriety is a fresh start and a chance to wipe the slate clean. One way to reinforce that belief and that mindset is to physically be in a new location.

Whether you live in Bethesda, Washington or Baltimore, traveling away from home offers a number of benefits. Just being an hour’s drive away from home gives you new scenery, a new environment, and new peers in your immediate surroundings.

Sobriety brings a number of changes, and it’s important to embrace them while in rehab. A brand new destination makes it easier to do that, allowing clients to reinvent themselves into healthier, kinder, and more driven individuals.

Widen Your Search For Higher-Quality Options

Substance abuse disorders don’t just develop in certain locations. Addiction is found in cities, in rural areas, and in small neighborhoods. By limiting your search to Bethesda rehab centers, you might be eliminating a number of great options further afield.

After all, addiction isn’t just a problem in Bethesda. So why should you limit your search to a handful of local options? Picking a rehab center might be one of the most critical decisions you ever make. Don’t let a short drive discourage you from selecting a quality rehab program further away from home.

Look For Rehab Centers That Address the Underlying Issues

In the search for a rehab center, don’t ever let location trump quality. Rehab is more than just a chance to go through the motions of recovery. It’s a time for clients to truly address and resolve underlying issues that led to an addiction in the first place.

Some individuals struggle with mental health issues, and those issues deserve attention and care. Specifically, dual diagnosis support and a variety of therapy options can ensure that mental health doesn’t interfere with relapse prevention. Some clients have a history of trauma, or they aren’t able to manage stress in a healthy way. Furthermore, others have addictive behaviors that require one-on-one therapy.

All of these underlying issues deserve personal care. That kind of care is well worth traveling for the highest quality addiction treatment.

Explore the Benefits of Ashley Addiction Treatment

Once you’re ready to expand your search beyond the Bethesda rehab center choices, consider Ashley Addiction Treatment in Maryland. Just 75 miles away from Bethesda, Ashley Addiction Treatment offers quality care with a comprehensive and holistic approach to recovery. For example, our addiction treatment programs include:

  • Pharmacological therapy
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Pain recovery programs
  • Exercise, yoga and meditation therapies
  • Group therapy program

Clearly, a Bethesda rehab center is not always the right choice. Instead, check out Ashley Addiction Treatment in Havre de Grace, Maryland. Call 866-313-6307 to learn more and to find the rehab program that is right for you.