Are you struggling with chemical dependency on drugs or alcohol? If so, addiction treatment will guide you on a path to recovery and overall wellness. However, what should the best drug rehabilitation centers offer you?

The Best Drug Rehabilitation Facilities Have an Accreditationbest drug rehabilitation

You should always look for the seal from the Joint Commission. This is a voluntary process. However, the center that went through the evaluation stands out. It invited experts to assess its setting, as well as its standards and made changes if needed.

Moreover, it aligned its standards to those that reviewers consider excellent for a rehab setting. Typically, this means the center offers evidence-based treatments. It also signals the presence of clean, safe rooms and an expert staff.

Environment is Key

Far too many treatment facilities set up shop in downtown areas. However, there are two problems with this logic. For starters, the drug that you’re trying to quit using surrounds you. Secondly, the noise creates stressors that make a recovery difficult.

A better option is a drug treatment center that offers plenty of serene space. Look for open water, lush landscaping, and areas where you might walk or hike. By getting away from the beaten path, you put distance between yourself and substance abuse. Moreover, you also remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city and its temptations.

Amenities are a Big Part of Healing

Some call it luxury rehab. However, that’s not strictly the truth. The best drug rehabilitation centers offer recreational opportunities for another reason. They allow you to discover new hobbies and incorporate them into your daily structure.

After discharge, you keep this pattern going. As a result, you successfully move past the hours when you would have used drugs in the past. For example, amenities include fitness centers, yoga rooms, and jogging paths. Other options might allow for holistic care amenities, such as acupuncture and massage therapy.

Evidence-Based Therapies in the Right Treatment Setting

Every person’s experience with substance abuse is different. That’s why one treatment setup won’t work for everyone. Counselors at the best drug rehabilitation centers understand that modalities must work with the program participant’s needs. They will, therefore, customize a treatment approach that might include:

  • Standard, inpatient treatment for program participants who will live on campus
  • A young adult program that benefits individuals between the ages of 18 and 25, who typically have unique needs
  • Extended stay programs for young men who fall into the young adult age range and require additional help
  • Relapse treatments for program participants who’ve been through rehab before, but had a temporary hiccup in sobriety
  • Intensive outpatient programs for qualifying individuals who may do well with a part-time approach to therapy

Along with this framework, there’s plenty of space for the application of evidence-based modalities. Examples include:

Counselors at the best drug rehabilitation centers can help you select treatments depending on your medical and clinical needs.

The Pro’s and Con’s of Traveling for Rehab

Does it make sense for you to travel to a rehab facility that’s out of town? Some people emphatically agree with this statement. When you get away, you put distance between yourself and drug-using peers. You also have a chance to re-evaluate codependency in relationships.

If you’ve entered rehab before and relapsed, it could be that you went to the wrong program. In fact, maybe the setting didn’t work for you. However, the best drug rehabilitation facilities offer treatment for those in this position. Making up your mind is easier when you discuss your thoughts with an addiction treatment specialist.

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