Dealing with chronic pain is a difficult situation that millions of people face each year. While people can manage chronic pain with the use of prescription pain-relieving medications, these drugs also carry a very high risk of addiction. If you have a loved one affected by this complicated situation, you may be looking for the best center for pain management in MD. The facts below will help you gain a better understanding of this problem.

Understanding the Issue of Chronic Pain

A woman clutches her back wishing she was at the best center for pain management in mdIf you’re researching the best center for pain management in MD, it’s likely that you or a loved one may be facing an addiction to prescription pain relievers. Having a genuine understanding of the effects of chronic pain can go a long way toward recovery.

When pain continues for months or years, it takes a serious toll on a person’s quality of life, happiness, and mental well-being. As a result, a person experiencing ongoing pain can quickly find that the situation negatively impacts their entire life. However, proper relief is possible with the help of a quality treatment center.

How are Pain and Addiction Related?

Those searching for the best center for pain management in MD may be dealing with the many serious effects of an addiction to prescription painkillers. Have you ever stopped to question how these two problems are so intimately connected? As it turns out, the intent for most commonly prescribed prescription painkillers is for use over a short period. However, chronic pain typically continues for months or years at a time. When people use these types of drugs for a longer period, the person can begin to experience a dependence on them. This dependence can lead to a life-altering addiction.

Signs of Addiction to Prescription Painkillers

Before you can locate the best center for pain management in MD, you’ll need to be aware of the most common signs of an addiction to prescription painkillers. The following clues are important points to pay attention to:

Increasing Pain

Those facing an addiction to prescription pain-relieving drugs may find that their level of pain continues to increase. This is because they will get used to the effects of the drug, requiring ever increasing amounts to achieve pain relief. The constantly increasing dosages raise the risk of an addiction.

Digestive Problems

Prescription painkillers can slow down the digestive tract. Sometimes, this sluggish effect can be serious enough to lead to stomach pain, cramping, constipation, and other issues.

Appearance Changes

Those dealing with an addiction to painkillers may also begin to look different to others. They may become sullen and depressed, as well as lose interest in taking care of their appearance. They may also have red or bloodshot eyes and lose a lot of weight.

These are just a few common signs of addiction. Depending on the specifics of each situation, other clues could also let you know there’s a problem that warrants treatment.

Providing Emotional Stability for a Family Member

Watching your friend or family member deal with the serious problems mentioned above can be a heartbreaking experience. Although many types of substance abuse programs are out there, finding the right one might have you feeling anxious. This is completely understandable considering the seriousness of the problem. However, don’t lose hope. As you look for a treatment center that fits your needs, try to be a source of positivity for your family member.

Finding the Best Center for Pain Management in MD

By now, you may be feeling encouraged that the best center for pain management in MD is out there and ready to help your loved one recover. Ashley Addiction Treatment is a professional rehab center providing an in-depth pain recovery program for those struggling with these issues. Located in Havre de Grace, Maryland, Ashley Addiction Treatment can outline a specific plan of care to fit the needs of each individual, no matter what their challenges may be. From our primary program to our family programs to our outpatient program, we have a plan that’ll suit your needs.

Take heart in the fact that you don’t need to surrender your happiness to addiction issues. You can overcome these struggles with the right treatment. Call 866-313-6310 to learn how Ashley Addiction Treatment can restore your peace and dignity.