Alcohol Treatment Centers in MarylandCompared to other alcohol treatment centers in Maryland, Ashley Addiction Treatment stands out from the for a variety of different reasons. We take pride in what we do, and we want you to have the best recovery experience possible. While we focus on providing great amenities for our clients, there’s so much more to our substance abuse programs. Each of our amenities is part of our program to give you the best chances of staying sober once you leave.

We offer:

Many Alcohol Treatment Centers in Maryland Lack Detox

A facility that doesn’t offer detox can hurt your recovery. On the flip side, if a facility only offers detox, you may decide not to continue with a comprehensive treatment program. With our on-site detox program, you’ll see the benefits of transitioning into one of our other inpatient or outpatient programs.

Supervised detoxification is important because withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable, painful and often dangerous. At our facility, we use the latest pharmacological and therapeutic techniques to reduce your withdrawal symptoms. Not having the help of a qualified detox facility can result in relapse, which in some cases can be fatal. Without medical supervision, alcohol withdrawal can lead to seizures or heart failure.

Core Programs Different from Other Alcohol Treatment Centers in Maryland

At Ashley Addiction Treatment, our core programs can help anyone who’s ready to get sober and stay sober. Our primary program educates you about the disease of addiction and puts you through different therapies. We use evidence-based treatment methods because we only use treatments that are proven to work. These programs are scientifically backed by different medical institutes because they help heal the brain.

Our young adult program also separates us from other alcohol treatment centers in Maryland. As a young person, it can be difficult to imagine not drinking again, so you need to be around your peers. Studies show that when you attend treatment with people your own age, you can build a very strong support system.

Health and Wellness

Many alcohol treatment centers in Maryland don’t focus on the importance of health and wellness. Over time, alcohol abuse can take its toll on your body, which can make withdrawal symptoms worse. Ashley Addiction Treatment has personal trainers as well as a dietary team that will help you get your body feeling better than ever. With the right nutrition and moderate exercise, your muscles and nervous system will begin to heal.

Our campus also offers different holistic methods that can greatly help with relaxation as well as healing. We offer acupuncture as well as massage therapy that can also help revitalize your body when you get sober. We also have yoga classes to help the body, mind, and spirit. Yoga will help you learn to clear your mind while also healing your body and giving you a new perspective about recovery.

An Environment that Inspires Recovery

Our facility is located in Havre de Grace, Maryland, and we’ve helped many people just like you get sober. We have a loving, caring staff who takes an empathetic approach to helping our clients get well. We know that addiction doesn’t make you a bad person. Through our various programs, you’ll regain control of your life and begin to heal relationships with your loved ones.

Don’t wait another moment to begin your recovery. Call Ashley Addiction Treatment today at 866-313-6307.